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Actual testimonials from our CE and pre-licensing end of class evaluation forms:

Was this class what you expected?  

"At least 3 licensed bondsmen told me that this is the ONLY school that should attend.  They said it was  the absolute best.  Based on their recommendations, I expected it to be good, but Dallas, the instructor, surpassed all expectations. This school and the people are even more awsome than I expected!"    

"No, It was actually so much better than I expected.  I went to the other school the first time and failed the test.  Everything was different with your school.  Tim made everything easy to understand and I made a 97 on my test! ...  You guys are 100 times better than they are.  A huge difference! 

"Not really.  So much better than expected!!  Dallas is a wonderful instructor.  He knows everything there is to know about bailbonding and he made it so easy to understand!  I am so lucky my supervising agent insisted I go to your school!"

"My friend told me how great it was.  She had Dallas as an instructor, too.  She just passed the state exam and said it was a piece of cake because of Dallas and your school.  Your pass rate is amazing and now that I've gone through the class I see why.  I have absolutely no concerns about the state exam! You guys absolutely go above and beyond."

"No, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a class like I did this one.  Suzie blew me away!  She's the bomb! I feel totally prepared for the state exam."


"I never expected a teacher like Tim.  NO ONE ever expects a teacher like Tim!!  Tim Mathis is an absolutely amazing instructor."

"It was better!  I LOVE Suzie!  She's the BEST teacher and has an awsome class."


"Wasn't sure what to expect.  When I talked to Lyne on the phone and told her I used to be a teacher and asked about the class instructor, she said, "Tim Mathis defies description. You have to see him to believe him. But, I can won't be bored."  She told me to find her and tell her what I thought of him after class was over. Here's what I told her: Saying that Tim defies description is a massive understatement.  He is, hands down, the BEST instrutor I have EVER SEEN anywhere: military school ...Anywhere!  This man was born to teach.  I feel 100% prepared to take the state exam!"

"Suzie is a wonderful instructor.  She is funny, smart and such a good teacher!  The stories she told made it so much more relatable.  I'm so glad I took this class."

"It was great, very informative.  The teacher knew his stuff."

"No.  I was afraid it would be boring, but it was the best class I've ever been to."

"No. The environment of the class is unusual -- in a very good way.  Casual and comfortable.  And exceptionally fun!  And the personal stories made everything much more understandable and interesting. Super learning experience."

"No!  Somebody told me it would be boring but I found out that they went to the other school.  Definitely NOT this one.  I'm so glad I picked you guys.  Couldn't have been a better class.  Thanks to all of you!" 

"It was better than expected. I have heard horror stories of other PLE classes given by a different organization.  I'm so glad I chose this one."
"No, I thought it was going to be a lot harder.  But the system that our instructor used to teach made it very easy to learn."

"No, it was amazing!  I can't possibly describe how excellent Tim is as an instructor.  Plus, he is so funny!  My side hurts from laughing so much!" 

​"I didn't know what to expect.  I enjoyed it so much.  Dallas is so great.  He really knows what he is talking about."

"No!  I thought it would be boring.  Not at all!  Tim is an amazing instructor.  I learned so much and loved every minute.  Plus, I loved the magic tricks."

"I thought this class would be boring.  I was so wrong!  I really enjoyed the class and learned so much."

"So much better than I expected.  The two days flew by."   

"No.  A friend who went to the other school told me to expect to be bored out of my mind.  I called him and told him he went to the wrong school.  There was NOTHING boring about this class.  It was awesome."

"Yes, in the sense that I was taught the appropriate information.  No, in the sense that my instructor has so much current knowledge and made the class interesting."

What did you like about our class?

"The instructor!

"It was NOT boring!  I enjoyed everything about it.  I went to the other school and failed the exam because I literally couldn't concentrate -- it was so boring I couldn't stay awake.  This class was totally opposite.  Dallas kept it interesting the whole time. I feel totally prepared for the exam.   It was the same material, but taught in such a different and better and MUCH more interesting way."

"Dallas!  He is an amazing instructor!

"Every. Single. Thing."

"Dallas.  He is a wonderful teacher"

"Where did you find the instructor??  He's awesome!"

"Everyone was so great.  Dallas and Lyne made us feel comfortable and welcome.  This is a really great school.  Thank you."

"Dallas is excellent.  Enjoyed everything about his class.  Love everything about your school!"

"You let us come back again for a refresher class anytime.  I think that's awsome.  Plus you guys really have got this down to a science. Dallas' teaching style was so enjoyable and understandable.  The textbook and supplemental material are excellent. And everybody is so nice and helpful and knowledgable.  Such a great experience!"  

"The other school left me clueless.  You taught me exactly what I needed to know to pass the state exam.  And made it fun to learn it."

"Best instructor out of all the classes I have ever taken."

"The instructor was very detailed and made sure we understood everything.  He gave a lot of real life examples to help us understand even more."

"So much energy and fun and knowledge in one instructor!!"

"Never thought I'd still be around an hour after CE class is over, but I can't get over all the things I didn't know about this business.  I really appreciate Tim and Dallas and Lyne hanging around after class and helping us.  I don't think most North Carolina bondsmen realize how lucky we are to have the Bail Academy."

"Tim Mathis is a PHENOMENAL instructor!  He's funny and makes learning so easy.  I just can't get over how much he knows and how clear he explained it all." 

"You all make it a really good atmosphere for learning."

"The teacher made it a fun and interesting class."

"The instructor was awesome. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable he was."  

"Everything, literally!"

"Tim and Dallas are very knowledgeable and awesome instructors."

"Taser demo, bond forfe
iture info, withdrawal info -- basically everything."

"The instructors were informative and extremely entertaining."

"NEVER boring, very affordable."

"If every bondsman in this state would take CE at the Bail Academy and apply what they teach, NC bondsmen would be much safer and would make so much more money."

Why did you choose our class?

"Because of the fact that you had to fight in court just to be able to teach us.  If the other school was that afraid of you, you were definitely doing something right."

"Your pass rate is very impressive and seemed to good to be true.  But now I understand.  Y'all are just that good." 

"Because Lyne stayed on the phone with me for 45 minutes answering every question I had.  She was so warm and kind.  I felt like it would be a great experience and I was absolutely right."

"Because of the passing percentage rate."

"I will go to your CE class until the day that I find out that I only have hours left to live.  At that time, I will go to the other school, because at the other school each hour seems like an entire year!"

"... a refreshing change from the other school."

"It's the best."  

"Because, who wouldn't?"

"I was told it was the best around and they were right!"

"Quality over bulls**t!"

"Tim Mathis."

" Instructor's reputation.  Your school came highly recommended."

"Initially, I came because of the location, but I'm so glad I did.  I didn't believe everybody who said that your class was so much better. But I found out that that was an understatement!!  This is my first time here, but I won't go anywhere else from now on."

​"I will only come to the Bail Academy for my CE." 

"You guys don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk.  The Bail Academy is the real North Carolina Bail Bond Association. You all do for NC Bondsmen what our association should be doing for us.
Keep up the excellent work and thank you from all NC bondsmen."

"I always learn so much in your CE classes.  Thank you for fighting for us.  It's nice to know we've got you guys actually on our side and not just saying you are."

"You don't hit us up for money all the time like the other guys. Plus, your classes are great.  So much fun.  Tim ought to take his act on the road."  

"I will go anywhere Tim Mathis teaches."

"Last year, Dallas helped me locate a $50K skip with his skip-tracing magic.  It took him hours but he didn't give up.  He told me he thought [the skip] was at an address in Florida and there he was...  I'll go to the Bail Academy until I retire.  And I still might come after that." 

"I went to the other pre-licensing class because I didn't know about NC Bail Academy, but my supervising agent wouldn't let me start working until I sat through an NC Bail Academy pre-licensing class.  Wow!  There was a big difference, I understand so much more now than I did before.  Thank you so much." 

Would you recommend our class to someone?

"Of course.  If the Association would just join you instead of fighting to get rid of you, they would be so much more successful."

"Hell, yeah!!"

"I already have!"

"I always do!" 

Most definitely!

"I tell everybody  -- If you're going anywhere else, you're paying more and learning less." 


"YES!!  A thousand times YES!!"

"In a frickin' HEARTBEAT!"


"Yes! I think I'll recommended you to the other school.  They could learn a lot from y'all.  (LOL)"

"Yes. Everyone here is so nice and helpful and I always learn something new every year in CE class."

"DOI needs to make everybody go to your CE class.  Last year at NCBAA's class we watched a video on the smallest TV in the world.  I didn't learn a thing.  This year at your class, I'm searching an "apartment" for a "skip".  Something I've never been trained in before.  The information your school teaches is invaluable.  I can't believe the difference in the two schools. You guys are doing everything right!"