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CE Classes


I will go to your CE class until the day that I find out that I only have hours left to live.  At that time, I will go to the other school, because at the other school each hour seems like an entire year!

NC Bail Academy CE class evaluation 

WHY TAKE CE FROM US -- Besides the fact that you can save $50?

In your job as a bondsman, you want to stay out of trouble with DOI and the law, be more successful, and make more money. Right?
That's why you should take your CE class with us. We're the reality check of CE classes.  If you've been to our class, you know what we're talking about.  If you haven't, you don't know what you don't know.  And in this industry what you don't know could get you in serious trouble.
We don't have some someone who talks for an hour and doesn't tell you one useful thing because he or she doesn't have any idea what your job really entails or what goes on in your specific county. We don't show you a video of a previous class and expect you to sit there and watch it for 3 hours like a good little bondsman.  We don't waste your money.  Period.

Our CE instructors know what you're up against every day because they do what you do. They're working bondsmen. They have "been there, done that".  And if you know Tim, Dallas and Suzy, then you know that's not an exaggeration. Their classes are filled with vital information, hands-on training, real-world examples and the valuable know-how you need to succeed.

NC Bail Academy is the only public bail education provider that has never been disciplined by NCDOI.  We work tirelessly for North Carolina bondsmen.  Not only do we fight for new laws in the legislature, we're here 24/7 when you need answers to questions or help with a problem -- in the courtroom, with your sheriff, or even with DOI.

We're the reason you're not still paying over $400 for your CE class.  We're the reason that there are more than 5 CE classes per year.  We're the reason you have a choice in who you take your continuing education class from.
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Come to our CE class. Pay less and save yourself some serious money. But more importantly, learn to be a better, safer and more successful bondsman.  



​More classes coming soon!